5 Reasons to Use USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® Postcards

Effective marketing is vital for every business. Value Printing has five reasons you should use Every Door Direct Mail® Postcards for your next marketing campaign. Our EDDM® Postcards will deliver a clear, professional message to prospective customers. Combined with Every Door Direct Mail®, they are powerful tool that will help you reach new customers and grow your business.

5 Reasons to Use USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® Postcards

  1. Target homeowners instead of renters
  2. Target household income level
  3. Save on postage
  4. You don’t have to maintain a mailing list
  5. Save labor time with customers in the same area

Every Door Direct Mail® Postcards

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Hood Stickers: Vinyl vs Gloss Paper

Advantages of Matte Vinyl vs. Gloss Paper Hood Stickers

Matte Vinyl Hood Stickers

Gloss Paper Hood Stickers

  • Vinyl Stickers are easy to hole-punch or write on and place after service
  • Matte Vinyl is easy for your techs to remove during service visits
  • Matte Vinyl stands up to cleaning chemicals better than Gloss Paper
  • Value Printing Matte Vinyl does not require lamination to protect the sticker!
  • Prices Start at $241 for 500, 4 x 4 Matte Vinyl Hood Stickers
  • Paper Stickers are easy to hole-punch and place after service
  • Gloss Paper Stickers are harder for restaurant owners to remove between service visits
  • Gloss Paper Stickers have a lower price vs Matte Vinyl
    • Prices start at $205 for 500, 4 x 4 Gloss Paper Hood Stickers

hood stickers, paper hood stickers, vinyl hood stickers

Your choice in Hood Sticker is important when recording kitchen exhaust system services. Your stickers must meet specific standards from both your local Fire Marshall and from organizations that certify your skills and service. If you want inspectors and restaurant owners to have assurances that your service meets standards, you want a label that will withstand daily and nightly life in busy kitchens. For most kitchen exhaust cleaners, Gloss Paper and Vinyl Hood Stickers are the ideal option. But which should you choose?

Hood Stickers, Vinyl Hood Stickers, Paper Hood Stickers

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The Best Paper Options for HVAC Business Cards

Have you considered your paper options for HVAC Business Cards? Your business card is your chance to make a solid connection with a customer, a prospect, a vendor, or a business partner. You want your logo to stand out and your brand to be memorable. Value Printing offers you excellent design choices to do just that. In addition, our specialty materials will help lift your business card design from excellent to amazingly memorable.

Other Material Options Ideal for HVAC Business Cards

  • UV Coated Akuafoil Business Cards – These foil cards make a great impact
  • White Plastic or Frosted Clear Plastic Business Cards – Durable and Waterproof
  • Gloss Laminated Business Cards – Thicker than our standard UV Cards, tear resistant and water resistant

HVAC Business Cards - Akuafoil HVAC Business Cards - Gloss Laminate HVAC Business Cards - Plastic

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New Jersey Kitchen System Report

As of July 2018, New Jersey has new standards for the New Jersey Kitchen System Report. This new report is designed to provide inspectors with more detail and help ensure that kitchens and the restaurants they serve are safer for patrons, workers, and contractors. Value Printing has a template of this report ready and available for you to order today!

The New Kitchen System Report Features:

  • Full 3 Page Report required by the State of New Jersey
  • Available in 2-Part or 3-Part
  • Wraparound booking to keep your copy organized for follow-up.

New Jersey Kitchen System Report

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Advantages to Custom Envelopes

People are more likely to open your envelope if you have your logo on it. Your brand helps you build customer loyalty. Each time you can put your logo in front of your customer, you increase the likelihood they return to you for services. So why do so many companies use plain envelopes for reminders and invoices? Custom envelopes are an easy way for you to build brand recognition and increase customer loyalty.

Why Use Custom Envelopes?

  • They are economical. See our envelope pricing. An investment of $0.20 to $0.60 cents per customer can result in hundreds of dollars in revenue with regular services calls and maintenance contracts.
  • They are professional. Our full-color custom envelopes feature your logo next to your return billing address. Instead of crooked labels, you have a smooth, crisp image.
  • They are a time-saver. Custom envelopes save you from having to write your return address by hand or print and maintain return-address labels. Simply stuff your envelope, address it, and go.

Custom Envelopes

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Lower Prices

We are now able to offer brochures and flyers at lower prices and with lower minimum quantities.

Take a look at our brochures designed to help you sell Preventative Maintenance Contracts.

Value Printing’s Extended Service Agreement (ESA) Contract Brochures

125 Color Brochures  $    59.00
250 Color Brochures  $    92.00

All of our brochures and flyers can be edited any way you would like, free of charge.

Sales Brochure 1 - Inside

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Four Tips to Increase Sales of Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Show the benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Use information from a trusted third party such as the US Department of Energy.  You can see the third party data we use on our forms and sales brochures by clicking here.  Using third party information makes your message more credible and demonstrates your professionalism.  You will close more HVAC sales by educating your customers. Let the customer know tune ups will save them money on energy and reduce the likelihood of equipment failure.

Include an offer

Customers may understand the benefits of preventative maintenance, but fail to see the urgency to sign up for it now.  Create the urgency with an offer such as “15% off service calls for a three year agreement.”   You can see six styles of Maintenance Agreements here.

Offer a choice in maintenance plans.  If you offer a short term contract and a long term contract, the customer is more likely to make a decision. Limit your choices to two or three and keep the differences between them simple so that you can list them in short bullet points.

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Buying HVAC Service Labels

As a small business owner, marketing your HVAC service company is vital to your success. You make phone calls, take out ads on social networking sites like Facebook, ask customers for referrals, and send out seasonal postcards. If you go out to service calls without HVAC service labels, however, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

HVAC stickers help build brand recognition. The homeowner you visited for an AC tune-up when they moved in over the summer will see your sticker on the unit every time they are outside working in the garden or watering the lawn. That exposure builds familiarity … and trust. When they need service they are going to turn to you first before searching the internet for a company they know nothing about.

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