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Take a look at our brochures designed to help you sell Preventative Maintenance Contracts.

Value Printing’s Extended Service Agreement (ESA) Contract Brochures

125 Color Brochures  $    59.00
250 Color Brochures  $    92.00

All of our brochures and flyers can be edited any way you would like, free of charge.

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Four Tips to Increase Sales of Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Show the benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Use information from a trusted third party such as the US Department of Energy.  You can see the third party data we use on our forms and sales brochures by clicking here.  Using third party information makes your message more credible and demonstrates your professionalism.  You will close more HVAC sales by educating your customers. Let the customer know tune ups will save them money on energy and reduce the likelihood of equipment failure.

Include an offer

Customers may understand the benefits of preventative maintenance, but fail to see the urgency to sign up for it now.  Create the urgency with an offer such as “15% off service calls for a three year agreement.”   You can see six styles of Maintenance Agreements here.

Offer a choice in maintenance plans.  If you offer a short term contract and a long term contract, the customer is more likely to make a decision. Limit your choices to two or three and keep the differences between them simple so that you can list them in short bullet points.

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Buying HVAC Service Labels

As a small business owner, marketing your HVAC service company is vital to your success. You make phone calls, take out ads on social networking sites like Facebook, ask customers for referrals, and send out seasonal postcards. If you go out to service calls without HVAC service labels, however, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

HVAC stickers help build brand recognition. The homeowner you visited for an AC tune-up when they moved in over the summer will see your sticker on the unit every time they are outside working in the garden or watering the lawn. That exposure builds familiarity … and trust. When they need service they are going to turn to you first before searching the internet for a company they know nothing about.

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