Four Tips to Increase Sales of Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Show the benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Use information from a trusted third party such as the US Department of Energy.  You can see the third party data we use on our forms and sales brochures by clicking here.  Using third party information makes your message more credible and demonstrates your professionalism.  You will close more HVAC sales by educating your customers. Let the customer know tune ups will save them money on energy and reduce the likelihood of equipment failure.

Include an offer

Customers may understand the benefits of preventative maintenance, but fail to see the urgency to sign up for it now.  Create the urgency with an offer such as “15% off service calls for a three year agreement.”   You can see six styles of Maintenance Agreements here.

Offer a choice in maintenance plans.  If you offer a short term contract and a long term contract, the customer is more likely to make a decision. Limit your choices to two or three and keep the differences between them simple so that you can list them in short bullet points.

Use a dedicated brochure

Your company brochure likely covers many other topics.  A dedicated Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) brochure gives your service tech or sales person something they can leave behind with the customer.  When a customer wants time to think about the agreement, leaving a brochure increases the chance of closing the sale later.  Here are six examples of PMA Brochures to help you  improve your closing ratio.

Have a renewal process

When a customer buys a two year contract, you want to make it seamless for them to continue.  Rather than try to sell a new contract, simply send postcard reminders of the next tune-up date and remind them of the offer you included in the original agreement.  Here is an example of a reminder postcard

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Increase your HVAC Sales with a preventative maintenance agreement. Value Printing offers tips to help you show the value of preventative maintenance and close more sales.

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